Basic usage
How do I set myself 'out'?
How do I set a different location?
How do I set when I'll be back?
Can I change other people's status?
How do I view other teams?
Is my company using the In/Out Board to track me?
What devices can I use to access by In/Out Board?
Do you have an app for iOS or Android?
How can I view more than one team at once?
I've got a big screen, can I keep the team list open all the time?
What's the difference between a Company Admin and Team Admin?
How do I add users?
What is 'member', 'view', 'set', and 'admin' in the Add Users page?
How do I rename a user?
How do I rearrange or sort users in a team?
How do I add teams?
How do I group teams by Department?
I've already added a team, how to I move it into a Department?
How can I have our In/Out Board on a display on the wall and let all users set their status?
Our company has lots of staff, how can I add them all easily?
How can I control which teams people can see?
Your account
How much does it cost?
How do I pay?
When will I be charged?
What if need to add more users?
Can I close my account?