Basic usage
How do I set myself 'out'?
To set yourself 'out' just click on your name. To mark yourself back 'in' click on your name again.
How do I set a different location?
Click on the menu button to the right of your name, enter your location in the 'location' field and click on 'Out'.
How do I set when I'll be back?
Click on the menu button to the right of your name, click on a return time, return day, or enter whatever return time you want into the 'Custom return time' field.
Can I change other people's status?
If your company admin or team admin has enabled this option then you will be able to change the status of other people in the team the same way you can change your own. If clicking on your team members name doesn't do anything, you will need to talk to your internal support person to enable this function.
How do I view other teams?
Click on the menu button to the top left of the window. Any teams you are permitted to see will be shown in the menu.
Is my company using the In/Out Board to track me?
No. Virtual In/Out Board specifically does not have any tracking or logging ability. It is designed as a communication tool, not a tracking or time-sheet tool.
What devices can I use to access my In/Out Board?
Virtual In/Out Board will work on any modern web browser or device, including Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android and iOS. All devices will instantly sync with each other, across desktop, tablet and phone. We have apps for Android and iOS.
Do you have an app for mobiles & tablets?
We have apps for Android and iOS.
How can I view more than one team at once?
Open this page in your browser then you can split the page into as many views as you like. In the top-right corner of that page the button will add an extra column.
I've got a big screen, can I keep the team list open all the time?
If your screen is big enough then the top of the sidebar will contain a padlock button which you can click to keep the sidebar open.
What's the difference between a Company Admin and Team Admin?
Company Admins can do anything to any team and change other company-wide settings, but Team Admins can only edit their own teams. See Admins & Delegation for more details.
How do I add users?
There are three ways to add users:
  1. To add a user direct to a team, click on the configure button next to the team in the main menu then either create a new user or add an existing user to the team.
  2. To add a user without adding them to a team, click on the 'Edit Users & Teams' option in the main menu and click on the 'EDIT USERS' tab.
  3. To add lots of users at once, click on the 'Import' menu option.
Users you create will be sent an email to verify their email address.
What is 'member', 'view', 'set', and 'admin' in the Add Users page?
These are the different permission levels users can have in the team:
  • member - user is a member of the team and will appear in the team list and can also view the team.
  • view - user can view the team even if they aren't a member.
  • set - user can set other people's status in the team. Might be useful if you want an assistant to set people's status if they call in sick, etc.
  • admin - user is an admin of the team, they can add/remove users and create child teams (if permitted in the Company Settings).
How do I rename a user?
  1. Click on the 'Edit Users & Teams' option in the main menu.
  2. Click on the 'EDIT USERS' tab
  3. Click on the user's name and you'll be able to edit it.
How do I rearrange or sort users in a team?
To move a user in the list, go to the Edit Team list and drag the drag handles next to a user's name. To sort the users in the team click on the Sort button .
How do I add teams?
To add a team, click on the 'Edit Users & Teams' option in the main menu and click on the 'ADD TEAM' tab.
How do I group teams by Department?
First create a team for the Department. Then when you are adding a team, start typing the Department's name in the 'Parent team' field and select it from the list.
I've already added a team, how to I move it into a Department?
  1. Click on the configure button next to the team in the main menu.
  2. Select the 'TEAM SETTINGS' tab.
  3. In the 'Team name & parent' box, enter the Department's name in the 'Parent team' field and select it from the list.
  4. Click on 'RENAME TEAM'.
Our company has lots of staff, how can I add them all easily?
See our import feature, there's plenty of help and some examples there.
How can I control which teams people can see?
Company Admins can change this in the Company Settings page. The options are:
  • Users can see all teams - This is the default setting.
  • Users can see other teams under the same parent - This allows teams to see the other teams in their department, but not other departments.
  • If neither of these options are selected, then employees will only be able to see teams they are in (and teams they have been given view or set privileges for).
Useful Features
How can I have our In/Out Board on a display on the wall and let all users set their status?
  1. First create a 'Kiosk Account'.
  2. Add the kiosk account to the team you want on the wall, giving it the 'set' permission.
  3. On the kiosk terminal, log in using the kiosk account email address and password.
Can visitors to our office sign themselves in and out?
Sure! Go to the Company Settings page and in the 'Team Visibility' section select 'Enable Visitors'. If you have a kiosk account in your reception then it will default to the Visitors page.
Can I add more detail, like phone extensions or regular shift hours?
Sure! Just edit people's names and put either a ', ' (comma space) ' - ' (space hyphen space) ' (' (space open-bracket) or '  ' (2 spaces) between the names and other information. The other information will be shown in a smaller font like this:

See How do I rename a user above.
I have staff working in the community, can I be notified if they don't return on time?
Yes, and this can be controlled on a team-by-team basis. We call these 'Late Alerts'.
  1. Click on the configure button next to the team in the main menu.
  2. Click on the 'TEAM SETTINGS' tab and scroll down to 'Late Alerts'
  3. Turn the feature on, choose a delay before the alert is sent and select a user to send the alerts to.

Late alerts by email are completely free, however alerts can also be sent by SMS for an extra $5 USD/month. To enable SMS late alerts:
  1. Head to the Company Settings page and click on 'Enable SMS Late Alerts'.
  2. Back in the Edit Team page you can choose a person to recieve the Late Alerts and add a mobile number for them.
  3. If you also want the late person to receive a late alert by SMS you need to give them a phone number on the Edit Users tab of the Edit Users & Teams page. You can also add a second unique phone number for each person, e.g. their spouse.
People accidentally tap the wrong button and don't notice. Can I change it to a double-tap or make them user the menu button?
Go to the Company Settings page and under 'Setting Status' change the 'Quick toggle method' to something else.
People are forgetting to sign out at the end of the day, can they be reminded?
In the Company Settings page, scroll down to 'Sign-Out Reminders'. You can choose a time after which people are regulaly reminded to sign out, by email and optionally by SMS too.
Can we change our status by SMS or email?
Sure! You can send us messages like:
  • out
  • out lunch back at 2
  • off sick till Tue
  • out for 1 hour
  • in meeting 30m
  • in leaving at 6pm
  • out back in 10
  • out home visit 14:30

To use email, send your status to with the status at the start of your subject line or the first line of your email.

To use SMS it first needs to be enabled at the Company Settings page. Our SMS features cost an extra $5 USD/month and carrier charges may apply. Once SMS features are enabled, head to the Edit Users & Teams page to add mobile numbers for your staff.

Note: In some countries our actual number is replaced by a local short number which can't recieve messages. If you gon't get a reply from us, try texting our number directly. Our number is +1-415-915-2383.
Your account
How much does it cost?
At Virtual In/Out Board you only pay a low monthly fee for the users you have. See our pricing page for more details.
How do I pay?
You can pay using most major credit cards.
When will I be charged?
When you sign up to Virtual In/Out Board you will get a 30 day free trial. Towards the end of the 30 days we will send you an email requesting payment based on the number of users you currently have. You can pay monthly or annually and will be charged at the beginning of each period. We will send you an email when your subscription is about to expire. If you choose to store your credit card in our secure vault then you can enable automatic payments, so you don't have to do anything! You can cancel your automatic payments at any time and go back to manual payments.
What if need to add more users?
If you are on a monthly subscription, or only have one month remaining of an annual subscription then you can keep adding as many users as you need. When your subscription renews at the end of the month you will pay for the users you have. If you are on an annual subscription you can add up to 50% more users, so you don't need to pay every time you add a user. If you need to add more than 50%, you will be directed to the Subscription page where you can update your user allowance.
Can I close my account?
You can cancel your account at any time at the Subscription page.