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Keep your team in‑sync with the #1 employee status communication tool

Stay up to date with staff coming and going throughout the day as well as when they plan to return

Eliminate confusion by instantly seeing the real-time status of your workforce and visitors

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JamesIn a meeting till 2:00 PM


GeoffWorking in the office, leaving at 3:00 PM

JackOn vacation till 9th April

Gain Awareness in a Glance

Gain Awareness in a Glance

Virtual In/Out is a status communication tool that helps teams achieve better visibility, improve safety and be more effective in their work.

In a few taps, your team can indicate what they are doing, where they are going and when they may be back for less confusion and better communication.

Take back your evenings

Take back your evenings

Feel the freedom of not constantly stressing about the whereabouts of your workforce. Let Virtual In/Out alert you of late employees and remind them to sign out when they forget.

Safely Screen Visitors

Safely Screen Visitors

Kiosks provide a safe and easy way to screen your guests via QR code and handsfree sign-in on their smartphone.

Custom welcome messages offer an opportunity to greet your guests while notifications trigger to alter staff of their arrival and minimise surprises.

With reliable visitor logging and a dedicated evacuation mode, your organisation can quickly verify the safety of anyone on or off site in an emergency and contact trace in the event of an outbreak.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Push status updates to Slack, Zoom, Teamwork or create custom automations with Zapier.

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No more transferring calls all over looking for someone. Virtual In/Out has streamlined our customer service

Stacy - Retail

Great value, easy to use, excellent support

Mike - IT Business

Incredible Customer Support

Kathleen - Architecture Firm

Nearly 100% employee compliance with checking in. Anyone who forgets to check out receives a reminder with an option to change their status if they wish

Alan - Social Services

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