Remote Staff / Working From Home

It can be a stressful enough running a business without having to consider the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic. There is added pressure to ensure employees have good hygiene practices and in some cases that they are observing social distancing rules. Some businesses have decided to implement working from home arrangements which can mean a significant change for many.

At Home

Virtual In/Out can help streamline managing your employee movements, and help your remote staff stay connected to each other.

Phone List

Virtual In/Out can also double as a phone list - add employee contact info on the board so it's easily accessible when required and always up-to-date.

Employee Status

Help manage flexitime by keeping your colleagues aware of when you are available and when you are not.

Instant Sync

Statuses sync instantly across multiple devices so that everyone has a clear picture of the workforce whether working from home or in the office.

In the Office

Better Hygiene

If you wish to avoid sharing touch screens because of transmission risk, employees and visitors can sign in and out of your workplace using their personal devices.

Track Visitors

Keep a digital record of who’s visited so you can trace attendance and narrow down potential exposure events. Also ask if visitors have recently been overseas.

Keep your business moving!

If you are interested in implementing any of these features in your workplace we can help.

“Virtual In/Out Board is helping NEWCorp staff manage movements and stay connected throughout the day during the COVID-19 crisis”  Read more →
(NEWCorp, Education)
“No more transferring calls all over looking for someone. Virtual In/Out has streamlined our customer service.”
(Hardware Retailer)
“Prevents me from having to work after hours to assure my staff are safe at the end of each day.”
(Mental Health)
“Nearly 100% employee compliance with checking in. Anyone who forgets to check out receives a reminder with an option to change their status if they wish.”
(Child Services)

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