Powerful Features

For Employees

Employees can use Virtual In/Out to sign into their workplaces or let their colleagues know where they are when they are out. Signing in and out can be done from a kiosk, their desktop or the mobile apps. The platform supports small and large teams in organizations of different sizes. You can customize the colours to add your own brand persona for your business.

Employee Status
  • In / Out
  • Meaningful locations
  • Useful return times
Evacuation Mode
  • Works off-line
  • Staff AND Visitors
  • Timings and results by email
Multi-Team Support
  • Flexible hierarchy: locations / departments / teams
  • Delegate team management
  • Privacy within teams (optional)
Mobile Apps
  • Exactly the same, familiar interface as our website
  • Syncs instantly with other users
  • Safe & Secure to install
Custom Styles
  • Show your visitors a consistent brand
  • Give each team their individuality
  • Custom colors for locations, e.g. "Off Sick", "On Call", etc.
  • Late Employee Alerts
  • Lone Worker Alerts
  • Sign-Out Reminders

For Visitors

Create a clear and easy way for visitors to your organization to register at your reception. The sign-in process allows the visitor to enter their name, company and who they are visiting. Multiple kiosks can be set up at different physical locations to make it easier for visitors to sign in/out at multiple entrances.

Simple Sign-In
  • Customisable questions and privacy options
  • Quick sign out and back in on same day
  • Notifications sent to person being visited
  • QR Code for contactless visitor sign-in
Kiosk Accounts
  • Customised team access in each location
  • Staff and Visitors can use the Kiosks to sign in/out of different locations

For Lone Workers

Lone Workers can receive an extra level of protection, for their own safety. Either working alone in an office environment, in the workshop, out in the field, or visiting people in the community, you can keep tabs on all your vulnerable staff. Require them to 'check-in' at set intervals, and get notified if they don't. Multiple 'Supervisors' can be defined and they will be alerted in sequence until one acknowledges an alert.

Define Lone Worker Tasks
  • Define different tasks with different 'check-in' intervals.
  • Frequency of check-ins can depend on risk-level of the task.
  • Lone Workers can easily select which task they are doing.
Geolocate Workers
  • Locate your Lone Workers on a map while they are doing hazardous tasks.
  • Receive alerts when they start a hazardous task.


Take all the functionality with you. Our mobile apps enable your employees to update their status on the go.

  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Full Capability


Whether you are a small or big business, we can support your business goals. Unlimited teams and kiosks means you have the freedom to grow your business without needing to upgrade, expand or change platform.

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Kiosks
  • Enterprise Grade Software

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