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Getting Started - Managing Visitors

Reception management is something that many businesses struggle with but it's never been more important. Being able to answer questions such as who visited your business, what time they visited, and who they met with, not only benefits your business situational awareness but also helps to improve the safety of your team.Virtual In/Out has a number of features to help support your reception with the registration of visitors. In this article, we are going to cover how to:configure your visitor settingsset up a kiosksign-in visitorsConfiguring your Visitor SettingsIf you are reading this, either you are already using Visitor Management features or you are wanting to get started with it.  More →

Getting Started - Onboarding Employees

Implementing a new software solution at your business can be a significant exercise, weeks of planning, meeting with various stakeholders, and double/triple checking the solution fits in with the existing workflows and software already in place. It is, for this reason, it pays to break the exercise of implementation into smaller chunks. If your business has many layers of hierarchy then the best place to start is by reviewing the organizational chart. Teams can be used in virtual in/out to reflect your organization structure, teams can have multiple levels of hierarchy.  More →

Getting Started: Custom Locations

One of the main reasons we created Virtual In/Out Board was that we wanted to replace our own old whiteboard with something more useful.  As a team we could already see if each other were "In" or "Out", but we wanted to know when the person we wanted to speak to would be back, and where they were (so we knew if they could be interrupted or not).We couldn't find a simple, cost-effective and good looking solution, so we built our own!Our key aim was to make it as quick as possible to enter your location and return time.  More →

Send Virtual In/Out Statuses to Teamwork

nbsp;Teamwork is a very powerful Project Management tool that can help enhance your team collaboration.We now offer a super handy integration with Teamwork so you can keep your Teamwork account up to date with status changes as they happen in Virtual In/Out. Setup takes only a few minutes and any Virtual In/Out user with Teamwork can connect their account.First, log in to Virtual In/Out, expand the left-hand menu bar and open user settings.  More →

Connect Virtual In/Out to Zoom for Presence Status Updates

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Virtual In/Out and we cannow add Zoom alongside a list of available app connections that includes Zapier,Slack and Teamwork.   More →

Simple Strategies to Re-Focus and be Productive at Work

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find focus amongst the many distractions of the world. Technology while our ally competes for our attention throughout our day. Keeping focused and productive requires constant effort. This article offers some simple strategies and techniques you can utilize at your work to take back control of your focus, own your time and make headway on your daily tasks.  More →

Two simple rules managers can use to achieve better communication at work

The transcendent skillCommunication is fundamentally the one skill that transcends all disciplines and industries. But to be a great communicator, who can connect and direct with clarity and conviction can be a daily challenge for most managers.The great news is, like any skill, communication can be improved and mastered with the righttraining and direction. When we break down communication, it is really about the code, message, the medium, and the recipient.  More →

Use-Full: Facility Management

Virtual in/out has a suite of features that can be adapted to support the management of a number of different facilities such as sports venues, gyms and swimming pools. The system can help with alerting the staff of which assets are in use, who is using them and when they will be next available.Swimming PoolsThe status board can be a great tool to help manage swimming lane bookings. Create a team for each lane.  More →

Feature Spotlight: Late Alerts

If you regularly have staff working on their own away from the office, then this feature is a simple way to give you peace of mind.The Late Alerts are really simple - if an employee sets their status as "Out" with a return time, and they're not back "In" when that time comes, then we will send them and some supervisors an alert.  More →

Use-Full: Tracking Vehicle Availability

Virtual in/out can be used to supplement a variety of business needs. One example of this is the use of the in/out board to manage commercial vehicle fleet availability. With a couple of tweaks to your account configuration, you can have an effective tool in place to manage your vehicle movements.Teams > Parking LotsTeams enable you to separate out assets based on a particular attribute.  More →

Use-Full: Meeting Room Management

Your office can easily use the in/out board to keep track of meeting room availability. Set up your team with a resource (user) for each meeting room. Add custom In/Out text to indicate whether a room is occupied or available. Additional details can help to highlight things such as the room's size, equipment or max occupancy.  More →

Work Place Fun #3 - Mini Projects

Looking for new ways to foster a creative and innovative culture in your workplace?Mini-Projects provide your employees with a creative break where they can dedicate some mental effort towards something outside of work which interests them.  More →

Workplace Fun #2 - Keeping Active

In the last blog post, we challenged you to organise a weekly quiz at your workplace. This week the focus is on staying active. If you have an office-based career it can be difficult to keep active when you may spend most of the workday sitting behind a desk with very little movement other than getting up to have lunch, talk to someone, attend a meeting or head home.  More →

Workplace Fun #1 - Weekly Quizzes

Workplace morale? It’s that cliché thing thrown around corporate offices. What does it really mean, and what are some practical things that can be done to help motivate and engage your teams. We spend a large portion of our waking life at work so why encourage boredom?  More →

Feature Spotlight: What are Kiosk Accounts?

Kiosks are a dedicated place for employees and/or visitors to sign in and out. They are different from normal user accounts because they don’t belong to a single user. Kiosks can be used to augment and assist the in/out process.Each Kiosk has a name, dedicated login email and can be managed independently of your central in/out board.  More →

QR Code Contact Tracing - a cost effective solution for retail and hospitality

Some countries, including here in New Zealand, are considering loosening the lock-down restrictions and opening up retail and hospitality.  This is not only vital for our economy, but is also important for regaining some social connections with our friends and family, and some well-needed retail therapy after weeks of lock-down!  More →

Tips and Tricks - Status Boards

We have had many questions about how best to configure your Virtual In/Out Board for your workplace so we have put together a list of features that you may not be aware of but can provide great benefit to your business.  More →

New Features: COVID-19 Contact tracing

I hope you are all keeping well during these difficult times. I know everyone busy adapting to our new normal so I'll get to the point and announce all the new Virtual In/Out Board features since our previous update.   More →

New Features: Only-Person-In Alerts, Team sorting + more

It's been less than a month since our last update, but we've been busy adding a couple of new features and making some significant user interface improvements. In this update:  More →

New Features: Evacuation Mode, Columns + more

This time we have quite a few things to announce! In this update: evacuation mode, visitors improvements & visitor sign-in notifications, long team lists in columns, default In/Out text, kiosk security.  More →

New Feature: Custom location colors

We have another very simple but possibly quite useful new feature to announce: Custom Location Colors. This helps you quickly see who is in a certain location, or off sick, and can give your In/Out Board more consistency.  More →

New Features: Lone Worker GPS tracking

For a while now we've had free Late Alerts to notify you if an employee doesn't return when they said they would. This is great in low-risk situations, but sometimes you need to keep even closer tabs on where your staff are and if they are OK, particularly if they are performing hazardous tasks away from the office.  More →

New Features: Set Everyone 'Out' + Team Switching

We have a couple of new features to announce. Firstly though, a belated Happy New Year, especially to all our new users! We always get lots of new companies signing up in the New Year so welcome on "board"!  More →

Pro Tip for Desktop users: Install to Desktop

If you're using Virtual In/Out Board on your desktop PC, did you know you can 'install' our website so it behaves like a real app, with its own icon on the task bar and entry in the start menu?  You can even make it load whenever you log in.  This works on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks & Linux.  More →

New Features: Sign-Out Reminders + more

We've been listening to our customers and added some new features and enhancements which you might find useful. New features include sign-Out reminders, easy set out duration, set status by email & sms, and color customization.  More →

New Features for Big Screens: Sidebar + Multiple Teams

At Virtual In/Out Board we're constantly innovating and listening to our customers to give you the best experience possible.In this update, we have a couple of small new features which could make life easier for those using the service on a large screen laptop or desktop computer.  More →


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  • Use-Full: Facility Management
  • Feature Spotlight: Late Alerts
  • Use-Full: Tracking Vehicle Availability
  • Use-Full: Meeting Room Management
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  • Workplace Fun #2 - Keeping Active
  • Workplace Fun #1 - Weekly Quizzes
  • Feature Spotlight: What are Kiosk Accounts?
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  • Tips and Tricks - Status Boards
  • New Features: COVID-19 Contact tracing
  • New Features: Only-Person-In Alerts, Team sorting + more
  • New Features: Evacuation Mode, Columns + more
  • New Feature: Custom location colors
  • New Features: Lone Worker GPS tracking
  • New Features: Set Everyone 'Out' + Team Switching
  • Pro Tip for Desktop users: Install to Desktop
  • New Features: Sign-Out Reminders + more
  • New Features for Big Screens: Sidebar + Multiple Teams
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